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Customize your digital event, hybrid meeting and conference in our big TV-studio. The control room provides full capacity for live broadcast, recording and publishing on all digital platforms. The studio is 45 kvm + 20 kvm with a ceiling height of 3.40 m, able to adapt after your needs. You also have access to conference-, make-up rooms and a kitchen. Our studio is located in Sollentuna, just 20 minutes from Stockholm city.

TV-studio for digital productions

We at Fronto have produced over 8000 productions through out the years. In our TV-studio we have the capacity to create the feeling you want to convey, whether it’s hybrid meetings, conferences, podcasts, digital events, lectures or interviews. We are with you, all the way.

For us, it is not new to produce moving material on digital platforms. We did this long before the pandemic forced companies to become even more digital. For over 26 years, we have created and produced studio formats that are cost-effective, high-quality and have a creative height.

With our technical competence and experience we want to create the best conditions for you to succed in your production. We also have a lot of experience in working with content creating since this plays a big part in a production where you want to reach and interact with an audience in a successful way.

Feel free to read more about how we work. Come by the studio for a coffee or book a digital tour directly from the studio.

Choose the team for your needs

We hand-pick the team for your production, so you get the cutting-edge expertise needed to ensure the quality of production.

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For more information and details about the studio, contact us.

Facts about our TV-studio

Productions in our TV-studio

Technical equipment

Decor design and scenography

Brand customize the visual expression of your production. We reinforce the message with the help of physical decor, digital decor and scenography. During our creative process, we illustrate with 3D sketches that you approve before we produce the decor. Contact us for creative examples.

Mobile studio

Do you need us on site under your premises? At the event? During the conference, the annual meeting or the quarterly report? We will come to you! We have long and broad experience of creating studios on site, with lighting and mobile studio backgrounds.

Contact us and we will tell you more>

Pre-record features in advance

Of course, we can also record interviews and produce features that you can use as features in the broadcast or on the website. Our film team can be sent where ever you need us. We can also produce vignettes and intros for your event, maybe you need a drone flight? 
We solve it.

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