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We specialize in creating, conceptualizing, designing and producing digital productions that engage and activate participants. Our studio offers many possibilities – all you have to do is focus on what you want to achieve, we solve how. Let us guide you through our four step work process and how we work our way from idea to a successfull production.

This is our work process

01. We listen

What is the message you want to reach your audience with? We want to get to know you and your brand, target group and needs. What do you want to convey and achieve? We kick off with a creative meeting.

02. We sketch

We develop unique visual concepts for your upcoming production. Moodboards and graphic 3D sketches give you the feeling and tonality of what we want to create on site. We make a time plan and a budget.

03. We create

From idea to reality! We create decor, scenography and all graphic elements, adapted to the brand’s graphic profile. We go through your program, create a time schedule and make sure everything is set for production.

04. We produce

Let’s go! The only thing you need to think about is what to communicate in front of the camera, we fix the rest. We are responsible for all technology and staff on site. The production is streamed live or delivered as desired.

Your place or our place?

Do you need us on site in your premises? At the event? During the conference, the annual report meeting, the quarterly report? We come to you! We have a long and broad experience of creating studios on site, with lighting and mobile studio backgrounds.

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Pre-record features in advance

Of course, we can also record interviews and produce features that you can use as features in the broadcast or on the website. Our film team can be sent where ever you need us. We can also produce vignettes and intros for your event, maybe you need a drone flight? 
We solve it.

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